Creating simple and easy pencil drawing art with an impactful stylistic approach.

I am Sello Simon Mathakhoe from South Africa (ZA), and I specializes with the art of easy pencil drawings. I started my fine art studies at Central University of Technology (CUT) in the year 2000 until I left my art studies in 2003.

Since then I had been focusing at producing not only realistic pencil drawings and sketches, but, however, I was doing my research on how to produce very simple pencil drawing artworks to grow my portfolio regarding pencil art.

As a result from 2005 I was creating drawings from nature, still life and other charcoal drawings of which they where merely somewhat realistic. That was when I started a my new approach towards pencils drawings and art.

My theme was to focus mostly on simplicity in my pencil drawing. At first my sketches where not easy drawings but was real. I needed to rearrange certain objects to look simple and easy in my artwork.

Now recently still doing easy drawings with pencils and I would like to invite art lovers to come view and also criticize my pencil drawing in order for me to improve my simple yet easy pencils drawing stylistic approach.

I will also be posting most of my research on this pages here:

You are welcome to view my pencil art as true fine art. Basic design elements are all I consider as produce drawing art.

Thanks for visiting my art website here easy pencil drawing


I do pencil drawings for Art lovers, Libraries, Schools and individual people

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Dates: 2000 - 2003

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Dates: 2000 - 2003

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